About Fairview Baptist Temple


Fairview Baptist Temple is an independent, fundamental, Baptist church following the New Testament pattern in the heart of West Virginia, about 40 miles from Charleston.  We are a church made up of many backgrounds, ages, and personalities.  We believe that the church was designed to reach men, women, and children of all walks of life, regardless of these differences.

We strive to be a family oriented church, with ministries aimed at each age and grade, helping families to grow together.  We desire to be a lighthouse to our community, always seeking new ways we can be a help for the cause of Christ.


There are many issues discussed in our statement of faith, but these are some important distinguishing titles that we would like to define:



This simply means we are self-governing, self-ruling.  All our finances support the staff, bills, and other expenses of the church.  We receive no funds from outside sources and send no funds to outside sources unless in exchange for materials or support of missionaries who are accountable to their independent, local, New Testament, Bible-believing Baptist church.




Being fundamental, or fundamentalist, means to believe in adhering to and willing to stand for the fundamentals of the faith.  The fundamentals of the faith are as follows:

Verbal inspiration of the Scriptures - every word of God is perfectly recorded in the Bible.

Virgin Birth and Deity of Jesus Christ - Our Lord was virgin born and was fully God in the flesh.

Vicarious Death of Christ by Blood - Jesus Christ was crucified and shed his blood in our place for the sins of the whole world.

Victorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ - Jesus rose from the dead on the third day after he was buried.  He remains alive forever.

Visible Return of Jesus Christ - Our Lord will return to snatch his children away before returning as reigning King on the earth.






C.H. Spurgeon, a famous English preacher, said over 100 years ago, "We believe Baptists are the original Christians." The Baptist people have always existed from the time of the church's inception (Christ and his disciples) until present day with no break in line of doctrine.  The Baptist Distinctives are as follows:

B - Bible  The Bible is our sole authority for faith and practice.

A - Autonomy of the Local Church  The church governs and runs itself.

P - Priesthood of Every Believer  Every Christian has access to and is accountable directly to Jesus Christ.

T - Two Ordinances  Instituted by Christ, we believe in Baptism by immersion and the Lord's Supper.

I - Individual Soul Liberty  Every man has certain freedoms, among those to live according to the conscience God gives him governed by God's Word.

S - Separation (Personal, Ecclesiastical, and Church/State) We believe in living a holy, separate lifestyle personally, as a church, and keeping free from state influence.

T - Two Offices  In the Bible there are two offices in the church, that of Pastors and deacons.

S - Saved Church Membership  We believe the assembly is made up of born again, baptized believers.