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Here are some messages from our pastor, Bret Wiley.  
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December 3, Sunday Morning: Relationship Status

December 3, Sunday Evening: How to Change Part 2

January 7, Sunday Morning: Created for Fellowship

January 7, Sunday Evening with Jeremy Raby

January 14, Sunday Morning: Created for Relationships

January 14, Sunday Evening: Why We Make Dumb Decisions

January 21, Sunday Morning: Building a Relationship with God in Christ

January 21, Sunday Evening with Dan Vaughn

January 28, Sunday Morning: The Marriage Covenant

January 28, Sunday Evening: When the Miraculous Becomes Mundane

February 18, Sunday Morning: Building Relationships in the Community

February 25, Sunday Morning: Our Relationship with God

February 25, Sunday Evening: Wisdom Crieth Out

March 4, Sunday Morning: Miscommunication

March 4, Sunday Evening: The Work of Wisdom

March 18, Sunday Morning: The Term "Great Commission"

March 18, Sunday Evening: Proverbs 3

March 25, Sunday Morning: Having Fellowship with the Father

March 25, Sunday Evening: Proverbs 3 (continued)

April 1, Sunday Morning: Easter

April 8, Sunday Morning: Three Things You Add When You Get Married

April 8, Sunday Evening: Dad's Doctrine and Mom's Mentoring

April 15, Sunday Morning, Revival with Jared Shumate: The Responsibilities of God's People

April 15, Sunday Evening, Revival with Jared Shumate: It's Time to Get Out of the Boat




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